Is It Okay for Christians to Be Scared?

Maybe you’ll think I’m from Crazy Town, but there are times when fear has been a useful thing in my life. And for me, it’s all about Purpose vs. Position. When I’m afraid someone or something is going to attack or steal my Position, I get frantic and weird and I hurt people (a whole lot like King Saul throwing spears at David, his favorite guitar player). Just an FYI:  Any time you feel frantic, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re feeling insecure. But if I sense a threat against my Purpose, that kind of fear compels me to

Ever Felt Invisible?

This morning as everyone got ready for school and such, I became overwhelmed by feeling Unseen. One kid needed a note at the very last minute before she ran out the door. Another kid was complaining because, although she had plenty of socks in her drawer, her “favorite” socks were not clean. And the youngest says he needs a black Sharpie for Math. Today – if possible. Then my husband used one of the flour tortillas I was planning to use for a meal, for his breakfast. Other mornings, this could happen and I’d be fine. In fact, as I

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