Maybe you’ll think I’m from Crazy Town, but there are times when fear has been a useful thing in my life. And for me, it’s all about Purpose vs. Position.

When I’m afraid someone or something is going to attack or steal my Position, I get frantic and weird and I hurt people (a whole lot like King Saul throwing spears at David, his favorite guitar player). Just an FYI:  Any time you feel frantic, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re feeling insecure.

But if I sense a threat against my Purpose, that kind of fear compels me to be strategic and make good choices and protect what is sacred in my life.

An example of me being nuts-o about my Position: I used to be a part of a speaking team and I actually whined to my boss that I wanted to do the teaching that (in my mind) was more important. She was incredibly gracious to this yahoo who was crying on her front porch. I was so afraid I would be unseen if I didn’t frantically try to get a “better” Position.

And I’ve had times when I strategically protected my God-given Purpose. Like when Severe Anxiety & Depression came knocking on my door a couple years ago. Even in the midst of that mental and emotional paralysis, I saw the threat it was against my Purpose of being a connected mom and wife. So I got strategic all over its butt…

Counseling? Check.
Transparency? Check.
Advice from others? Check.
Creative outlet? Check.
Healthier diet + exercise? Check.
Prayer? Check.

There was no way I was letting my Purpose slip down into the abyss of anxiety. No. Freaking. Way.

Sometimes the very things we’re scared of are like red flags telling us to fight for what is sacred to us.

Anyone else ever frantically try to protect your position in some area of your life? Join the club, sister. Let’s get feisty about our God-given purpose. (It will make us MUCH better people.)