Milo and Buster

Milo is a white rhinoceros from Africa and he is the second largest land mammal. Buster is a European Rhinoceros Beetle. He can lift up to 850 times his own weight and is one of the largest and heaviest beetles found in Europe. How he ended up in Africa is a little fuzzy. The last thing he remembers is taking a bite of a mushroom he found in the local outdoor market.

The difference between Milo and Buster is meekness. Milo is big and strong and, because of wisdom and experience, he knows how to use his strength only when necessary. However, Buster is a young buck of a beetle, thinking he can conquer the world. When Milo first looked into Buster’s eyes, he remembered himself as a young rhino – full of zeal with zero maturity. He has decided to let this tiny European foreigner live with him for a while so he can teach young Buster that “With great power comes great responsibility.” 11×14 giclee art quality limited edition prints available $50 plus shipping

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Created:April 7, 2017

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