Peace Offering

Archie (the mouse): “Elephants aren’t afraid of mice! That’s a myth.”

Gus (the African elephant): “Well, it’s not a myth for me.”

Archie: “But why? I couldn’t possibly hurt you. Look how small I am compared to you!”

Gus: “I know that, but what if you are a singing mouse and you decided to run up my trunk and live there and you sang songs all day and night? And what if you only liked to sing jazz…even though I hate jazz music. And then what if you have other mouse friends who love jazz and you form a mouse jazz band? And then you decide my trunk is the perfect place for a jazz club because it’s dark and moody and suddenly I have a trunk overcrowded with mice that love the sound of a sultry saxophone? That’s why I’m afraid of you.”

Archie (thoughtfully): “Oh. Do you want a peanut?”

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Created:April 21, 2017

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